Akebono’s Response to COVID-19 and Emergency Declaration in Tokyo

In lights of recent outbreak of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), declaration of state emergency announced on 7th of April, 2020 and corresponding request for self-restraint by Governor of Tokyo, we, Akebono Asset Management Ltd., are going to take following actions, to sustain our services, including investors’ portfolio management, as much as possible by protecting wellbeing of our clients, investors, officers and staff as well as those families:

  • Our officers and staff will, in principal, work from home. We would highly appreciate it if you could contact us by email for inquiries.
  • General telephone number will operate from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays (in Japan time) by our officers and staff at home. Your contacts at Akebono will call you back upon your call.
  • Responding to request for self-restraint, we will not organise meetings at our office or visit your office. However we would highly appreciate it if you could accept our calls, emails and/or video conferences to develop our dialogue.
  • We also prioritise your emergency. We may take exceptional actions in case of necessity.

Even under current challenging circumstances, we aim for wellbeing of our stakeholders, including our officers and staff, business continuity and maximising return from our investment portfolio. To achieve this, we take it as the first priority for early recovery of our society.  We really appreciate your understanding and co-operation for forthcoming challenge with all of us.

Akebono Asset Management Ltd.

Shinichiro Shiraki, CEO and CIO