Removal of Kojimachi Office

We are pleased to announce our removal of Kojimachi Office for consolidation to headquarters on 30 June 2021.


Since 1 February 2021 when we merged to become Aizawa Asset Management Co., Ltd., we have been working for consolidating businesses of two merged companies.  As a part of consolidation, we decide to remove Kojimachi Office to consolidate all our resources into our headquarters.  We started this consolidation process, utilizing remote works under current environment, and we will close Kojimachi office on 30 June 2021.   Please contact to our headquarters. 

Thank you for your support to our business as always.

About Aizawa Asset Management

“Striving to become the leading Japanese alternative asset management company” as its slogan, Aizawa Asset Management was established on Feb 1, 2021 as a result of a merger between a pioneer in Japanese hedge funds and a niche player in secondary strategies of Japanese private assets. The company offers various alternative investment strategies, namely Japanese equity long/short strategy, value-up strategy, insurance-linked strategy, Asian trade finance strategy and private equity secondary strategy to local and global investors.
Address: 6th Floor, Uchisaiwai-cho Dai-biru, 1-3-3 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011 Japan
CEO:  Shinichiro Shiraki

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Aizawa Asset Management Co., Ltd.
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