Message from CEO

We established ourselves, Akebono Asset Management Ltd, for investors not just to offer investment opportunities to “alternative investments”, which have been recognised as niche by Japanese asset management industry for a long period of time, but to offer the joy of learning and growing on investments, and understanding of the investment objectives sufficiently through investments, and, more importantly, the benefit of the appreciation from the long-term investments.


Just a phrase of “alternative investments”, it covers widely and its definition of assets varies from time to time. In Japan, we call “alternative investments” as assets and investment strategies collectively that we all hear about but majority of investors can hardly invest with confidence, such as real asset investments represented with “infrastructure” including public facilities, “private equity” which, comparing with listed equity, available information is quite few and is difficult to invest into, “venture capital” and “buy-out fund” to deal mainly with private equity investments, and “hedge fund” which is too difficult for the rest of us to understand about due to wider range of investment strategies. And, each category has further detailed classifications so that it is quite difficult to cover all to understand thoroughly.


Our team member have been taking part of structuring and investing to financial products especially alternative investments for retail and institutional investors as pioneer of alternative investment area in Japan since 1990’s. We would be delighted to work with you through our investment services.


Shinichiro Shiraki, CEO & CIO



Meanings of “Akebono”

Akebono Asset Management Ltd.
Japanese investors has relatively less experiences and know-hows with alternative investment assets, such as private equity, hedge funds, infrastructure, and venture capital. Hence alternative investments in Japan can be said as frontier in the asset management industry. We name ourselves as “Akebono”, “dawn” in Japanese, to aim to be a pioneer in this frontier and to take integral part in the dawning of the alternative investments in Japan.