Mission Statement

Asset management solution provider

  • We seek to contribute to a sustainable society by being stewards of wealth for the next generation.
    1. We serve the long-term wealth creation of our clients.
    2. Our clients are institutional investors and their ultimate beneficiary owners.
    3. We provide access to an entire investment eco-system targeting opportunities in Japan.

  • We offer our clients innovative and sustainable investment opportunities, as well as exit strategies for illiquid investments.

    1. We offer absolute return investment products via our hedge fund platform.
    2. We provide investment opportunities and exit strategies for illiquid assets, including real assets, via our “gatekeeper” activities and secondary solutions. Our exit strategies can help address sudden liquidity needs.
    3. We provide global investment opportunities, bridging investments and investors in Japan and the rest of the world.
    4. We provide access to global best-in-class alternative investment products.

  • We emphasize dependability and accountability and prize above all client trust.

    1. We provide our clients full transparency on our investments.
    2. We provide our clients full access to our thinking on portfolio management.

  • We offer innovative investment products and professional asset management.
    1. We have built a distinctive investment management team with top-tier investment professionals.
    2. We provide best-in-class investment products by partnering with top-tier external firms.

  • We emphasize asset conservation via disciplined risk management.