Principles for Dealing with Antisocial Forces


We, Akebono Asset Management Ltd. (“Akebono”), are firmly committed to ensure the safety of staff and clients and to secure a sound basis for the conduct of Financial Instruments Businesses by eliminating any relationships with antisocial forces, including, but not limited to, Boryokudan (crime syndicate), persons concerned to Boryokudan, Sokaiya (corporate racketeer), (collectively “Anti-social Forces”).
Akebono, as an organization in its entity from Representative Director to whole staff, will tackle with undue claims, with close relationship with police and other external specialists.


Akebono will not have any relationship, including business and transactional relationship, with Anti-social Forces. When we find any relationships with Antisocial Forces, we will take appropriate measures for the dissolution of the remaining relationship.Akebono organizes a dedicated department in charge to deal with dissolution of relationship with Anti-social Forces (“Anti-social Force Dealing Department”), to build up management system to prevent damages due to Anti-social Forces.


Akebono will refuse any unjustified demands by Anti-social Forces. Akebono, as an organization in its entirety from management, Anti-Social Dealing Department to staff, will definitely reject any undue claims from Antisocial Forces. Akebono will establish close communication system in concert with external specialists such as police, Center for the Elimination of Boryokudan to take an appropriate legal course of action by pursuing civil and criminal charges for undue claims from Anti-social Forces.


Akebono will never engage in any financing for Antisocial Forces.