Corporate Standards of Conduct


Akebono Asset Management Ltd., establishes “Akebono Asset Management Ltd.: Corporate Standards of Conduct” as below.
Akebono Asset Management Ltd. shall comply, not only with laws and regulations, but also with industry rules and its spilits behind, to conduct with social common sense.


  1. Offering socially useful financial proucts and services.
    Akebono Asset Management Ltd., shall endeavor to offer socially useful financial products and services, and to respond to varying social needs with investors, by creating asset flow efficient to society as a whole.

  3. Management with long-term views.
    Akebono Asset Management Ltd., shall stand for long-term view, not short-term revenue, for our business management.

  5. Fair deals
    Akebono Asset Management Ltd., shall conduct our commercial activities with our recognition that securing fair and free competition is basis rule of market economy.

  7. Disclosure of corporate information
    Akebono Asset Management Ltd., shall proactively disclose corporate information in an accuracy and timely manner, to comminucate, not just with shareholders, but also with society widely and openly.

  9. Proactive effort to environmental challenges
    Akebono Asset Management Ltd., shall keep paying attention to environmental issues to tackle proactively.

  11. Contributions to society
    Akebono Asset Management Ltd, shall perform duties as good citizen to harmonize corporate benefit and social interests.

  13. Implementation of pleasant working environment
    Akebono Asset Management Ltd. endeavors to implement our corporate culture as free, vigorous and fulfilling creativity, to ensure pleasant working environment and fully to respect individual personality and character of each staff, and to implement affluence of staff.

  15. Tackling Against Anti-social Forces
    Akebono Asset Management Ltd., shall definitely stand against Anti-social Forces which threatens civil order and safety.

  17. Build up sound and normal relationship with politics and economy
    Akebono Asset Management Ltd., shall keep sound and appropriate relationship with public servants, politicians and political groups and prevent from any activities to be deemed as illigal or misunderstood.

  19. Deep understanding of Corporate Standards of Conduct among staff and management.
    Akebono Asset Management Ltd., shall maintain company structure to familiarize our Corporate Standards of Conduct.

  21. Taking initiatives and setting patterns
    Management of Akebono Asset Management Ltd., endeavors execution of operations by taking initiative and setting pattern, under spilit of “Akebono Asset Management Ltd.: Corporate Standards of Conduct”.