Our 2nd Secondary Strategy Fund to complete fundraising

Aizawa Asset completed final closing of its 2nd secondary strategy fund and raised USD 36 mil from institutional investors.

26/Apr/2021, Tokyo – Aizawa Asset Management Co., Ltd(Aizawa), the alternative investment management company in Japan, proudly announces its completion of final closing of Ariake Secondary Fund II LP (ASF-II), a Cayman Islands domiciled limited partnership managed by Aizawa. ASF-II raised USD 36.38 mil over 19 months of fundraising period, which commenced in October, 2019.

As investment manager to ASF-II, Aizawa acquires illiquid assets held by private equity and venture capital funds. This provides players in illiquid assets the opportunity to sell during an investment cycle, and promotes the sophistication of domestic illiquid portfolios. ASF-II also employs co-investment as part of its strategy, affording private companies with quicker access to capital.

ASF-II is supported by both domestic and overseas institutional investors including Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd., Aizawa Securities Co., Ltd., Kline Hill Partners and others.

About Aizawa Asset Management

“Striving to become the leading Japanese alternative asset management company” as its slogan, Aizawa Asset Management was established on Feb 1, 2021 as a result of a merger between a pioneer in Japanese hedge funds and a niche player in secondary strategies of Japanese private assets. The company offers various alternative investment strategies, namely Japanese equity long/short strategy, value-up strategy, insurance-linked strategy, Asian trade finance strategy and private equity secondary strategy to local and global investors.
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