Our CEO, Shinichiro Shiraki, referred his article to a research by GPIF and NRI regarding portfolio replication

A GPIF-commissioned paper “Research and Study on Replication of Alternative Assets Using Listed Assets” by Nomura Research Institute refers to an article “Performance Measurement Methods for Private Equity Funds”, a joint contribution by our CEO Shinichiro Shiraki, and COO, Shinobu Miyata to Securities Analyst Journal.

We proudly announce that a paper titled “Research and Study on Replication of Alternative Assets Using Listed Asset” by Nomura Research Institute (“NRI”), commissioned by Government Pension Investment Fund (“GPIF”) issued on 20/Apr/2021 at GPIF website, refers to an article “Performance Measurement Methods for Private Equity Funds” which our CEO, Shinchiro Shiraki, and COO, Shinobu Miyata, jointly contributed to the October 2018 edition of Securities Analyst Journal.

In response to increased needs of portfolio replication as an alternative method of portfolio sophistication, the GPIF-commissioned paper tackles a theme on possibilities of increasing liquidity of illiquid portfolio through portfolio replication with traditional assets and listed equity with high correlation to performances of illiquid assets. In this paper, our article was appreciated for its discussion regarding the use of benchmark of asset classes and performance measurement methods as tools to rate and classify performance characteristics of target asset class as a fundamental process in replicating a portfolio.

We hope this commissioned paper will be of help to risk management of your investment portfolio, together with our article.

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